Contact us – Kind but courageous, friendly but dignified, the Bulldog is a thick-set, low-slung, well-muscled bruiser whose ‘sourmug’ face is the universal symbol of courage and tenacity. These docile, loyal companions adapt well to town or country. Our craving isn’t just to present and grandstand our delightful bulldog doggies available to be purchased and stud administration with you, however we likewise desire to help teach and illuminate those considering taking on or buying a bulldog. Kindly check our “Information and Education” page for a few incredible data on observing a trustworthy bulldog reproducer and bulldog well being and care tips. You can’t mistake a Bulldog for any other breed. The loose skin of the head, furrowed brow, pushed-in nose, small ears, undershot jaw with hanging chops on either side, and the distinctive rolling gait all practically scream ‘I’m a Bulldog!’ The coat, seen in a variety of colors and patterns, is short, smooth, and glossy. Contact us – Bulldogs can weigh up to 50 pounds, but that won’t stop them from curling up in your lap, or at least trying to. But don’t mistake their easygoing ways for laziness’¿Bulldogs enjoy brisk walks and need regular moderate exercise, along with a careful diet, to stay trim. Summer afternoons are best spent in an air-conditioned room as a Bulldog’s short snout can cause labored breathing in hot and humid weather. We keep up with the best expectations for the prosperity of our puppies. Our doggies are taken care of top-quality premium pet food. Our young doggies are reproduced for well being, disposition, and adaptation (quality).

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